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Friendly divorce: keys so that your ex-partner does not become your enemy
A friendly divorce is much more positive in every way
Facing a divorce is not an easy time for any of the people involved, nor generally for those around them. When a marriage comes to an end and each one decides to start his life separately, it is common for tensions to be generated, after all, the separation is usually caused by some kind of differences.

However, not every rupture has to end like the rosary of the aurora and although it may sound utopian at times, the truth is that friendly divorce exists. It is possible to put an end to a marriage without throwing the clutter in your head and doing it in a rational way. This is especially important when there is a family around the couple.
Although it is not always easy, there are times, especially when there are children involved, that it is best to face the break in the best way possible and maintain a friendly relationship during the process of separation and also the future. It may be difficult to achieve, but it is possible.
The first, less tensions Sometimes a couple does not want to reach the separation, so hold and hold for more or less time to avoid breaking. The truth is that this rarely works. What is achieved is that, instead of strengthening the relationship as expected, what is done is to resent it more and more.
By force of enduring a situation in which it is not comfortable, the couple suffers even more, becoming difficult to coexist and getting a sense of boredom, even resentment, for the other person. At this point you will rarely be able to have a friendly break, much less recover the good old-fashioned relationship.
Always try to leave your children aside and avoid having a bad time
For that reason once we see signs that our marriage does not work the best thing is to see all the possible options and analyze them. Sometimes a temporary separation can serve to see how things would be without our partner and help us decide if we want to maintain the marriage or prefer to opt for divorce.
The first we act in one or the other direction, the easier it will be and the fewer conflicts we will have to face. By dint of waiting and enduring in a situation in which we do not feel happy the resentment towards our partner will only increase day by day.
Communication is basic A marriage is a matter of two and a divorce, if we want it to be friendly, it must also be. The communication between those involved is basic for the break to take place without major setbacks. Talking about things, even when it comes to considering separation, is important.
Knowing what the other wants and expects, we can reach a series of agreements in order to pass a friendly divorce. In case of not knowing it and especially when what is done is to hide the intentions of the other part of the couple, the bases are being created so that the separation becomes a war in which there can be multiple victims.
If during the marriage the couple relationship needs that in some occasions it is one that gives in favor of the other with a divorce the same thing happens. If we do not want to create conflicts we should be flexible as much as possible and try not to put obstacles in place. It is not an individual requirement, but must be the two parties involved working in the same direction to achieve a friendly divorce. Otherwise it would not make sense because it would be one who would take advantage of the other.
If something does not work, do not force the situation
Children, key piece In a divorce, children are a key element. Sometimes the separation is delayed in time precisely by them, to avoid that suffering. However, when the break is the only way out, you have to think about the whole family and the correct way to move forward.
Especially sensitive are the cases in which the children are still small. The concern for their welfare can worsen the conditions of a divorce and introduce us to a process that is not friendly at all. We can find ourselves in situations in which, although both parents seek the best for the family, their points of view are completely opposed and do not easily reach agreements.
The custody, with whom they spend the holidays, maintenance, ... are issues that generate many conflicts in a family that is going through a divorce. The desirable thing would be to reach a common position but if it is not possible the most advisable thing is to leave the discussions for the negotiations with the lawyers, not to reproduce them in front of the children.
In this way we will avoid that the stress derived from the divorce affects them and that they may even feel responsible for the break through which their parents are going through. The ideal in these cases is to leave the children, especially if they are small, away from discussions and bureaucratic procedures. It is important to ask their opinion on certain issues that directly affect them - with whom they prefer to live or how to share the holidays - but not to criticize the couple before them because it only generates tension and unnecessary grudges.
Benefits of a friendly divorce A friendly divorce has more advantages than one full of conflicts. In the personal field suffice to say that those involved are subject to less pressure, can maintain a good relationship with the rest of the family and will come out of this break with less damage.
Administrative level is much faster the friendly divorce
In the practical aspect a friendly divorce is faster than one that is delayed in time while each of the parties only looks to itself and are not able to reach agreements. For that reason it is cheaper, because it is a saving of costs, money and the distribution of common goods is done in a more equitable way, generally.
Friendly divorce procedure A friendly divorce, from the administrative point of view, does not require the holding of a trial, in which a judge determines a whole series of issues. It only requires a lawyer and a solicitor, which can be the same for the two parties involved since they do not have contradictory interests.
Both parties will participate in the elaboration of the documentation with which the divorce will be requested. It must include the certificate of marriage-three months must pass from the celebration of the same to be able to divorce or accredit special conditions related to security-and the birth of the children if any. In the latter case, it is also necessary to include the regulatory agreement that establishes which parent has custody, such as the visitation regime, maintenance, and so on.
All this is presented, along with the divorce and a power of attorney, in court. The judge must verify that the two parties really agree to divorce. For this, you will analyze the documentation and listen to them separately and within three days. Later, he will ratify the divorce, or he will not do it in the case that the necessary conditions are not met.

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